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  • You can custom the output format of the socks proxy list by using our API URL.
  • The premium socks proxy list is updated every minute and the normal proxy lists are updated every hour.
  • All the socks proxy lists contain the socks version and country information.
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The API is just a link (URL). You can open that API link in the browser or your own script/program to get the proxy list.

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First, install and run our free program Socks Proxy Checker. Then click its menu File > Download list to get the list.

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90% working proxies
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SOCKS 1000
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1000+ Socks Proxies *
19474 Working Proxies Daily
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500+ Socks proxies *
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15393 Working Proxies Now
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500+ Socks Proxies *
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* Bonus: For a limited time, we increase the proxies for these lists: SOCKS 1500/1000/500.

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Premium List

The proxy numbers of our premium socks proxy list

Total Proxy Numbers of the Premium List
Time (GMT)04:2004:0003:4003:2003:0002:4002:2002:0001:4001:20
Time (GMT)01:0000:4000:2000:0023:4023:2023:0022:4022:2022:00
Time (GMT)21:4021:2021:0020:4020:2020:0019:4019:2019:00Average

Note: The data is updated every 20 minutes. The latest update was at 23 Sep 04:40 GMT.

Normal List

The working proxy and country statistics of our normal socks proxy lists

Socks 15002018-09-2329265AllAll
Socks 1000Average~ 19474AllAll
Socks 500Average~ 9737AllAll

Note: The data of the list SOCKS 1500 is exact. The data of other proxy lists is estimated.

Country Statistics of the List SOCKS 1500
All All57972US US6340ID ID5017RU RU4482TH TH4047BR BR4035
IN IN3579IR IR3235CN CN2041UA UA1927ES ES1903PL PL1556
IT IT1248ZA ZA1195BD BD1072CZ CZ1069KH KH783HU HU762
BG BG694AR AR682CO CO584RS RS580TW TW574TR TR382
EC EC368RO RO363AL AL347CA CA344SK SK279AT AT275
BA BA259KE KE258PH PH252GB GB239VN VN234DE DE220
KR KR218LV LV216GR GR209NP NP202PK PK197IQ IQ196
MD MD188CL CL185AU AU174LT LT171HR HR166Others Oths4625

Note: The data is updated every 20 minutes. The latest update was at 23 Sep 04:40 GMT.

Socks Proxy FAQs

Some frequently asked questions about our socks proxy lists

The Premium Proxy list doesn't have a fixed number of proxies. Instead, it is updated every minute to ensure it is 90% working and anonymous. It is best for the users who want to get working socks proxies quickly, without testing a big list.

Socks5 (Socks version 5) supports UDP (VOIP needs it), name resolution, and authentication while Socks4 not. However, in most cases, you won't use those features. Then Socks4 is same as Socks5.

We update the normal socks proxy lists every hour and update the premium list every minute. On update, we add new working socks proxies to the lists and removing dead proxies from them. The working proxies remain on the lists.

Our proxies are public socks proxy which we collect from the internet. They are unstable but very cheap, considering a private proxy charges $3/month. Our proxies are suitable for the users who need a lot of IP addresses and use each one for only a while.

There are 3 anonymous levels of HTTP proxies. By contrast, all socks proxies are highly anonymous.

Secure websites whose url starts with https:// instead of http:// (ex. use the encrypted (SSL/HTTPS) connections between its web server and the visitors. Some HTTP proxies only support ordinary HTTP sites and can't surf HTTPS sites. By contrast, all the socks proxies support HTTPS websites.

No. You can use the free version of our software to download the socks proxy list. You can also use the API URL to get it.

No. We don't have packages for specific countries. However, you can sort the proxy list by country after download it.

No. They are not exclusive. We provide the same socks proxies to other users.

No. The working socks proxies remain on our proxy lists. You will get some same proxies every day.

No, you will get the same socks proxies.

Note: Click on the heading text to expand or collapse questions.

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